filling in the holes.

Once I have a clean palette, whether it’s a wall, a room, or a garden bed, I like to pour myself a glass of wine and spend a whole lot of time scratching my head.  So I showered off the mud from shoveling and digging out all of the old, gross plants, bushes, and trees, poured a big glass of my favorite pinot and stood in the yard until the sun was going down and there was nothing left to drink.


Because there are three smaller windows on the right and one big one on the left, I decided to go with smaller laurels and bigger hydrangeas.  It took a couple of trips to my favorite nursery, Creekside, to get all of the plants to fit the space.  I go back to Creekside over any other nursery or big home improvement store because the same employees are always there, they remember me and what projects I’ve worked on, they are incredibly helpful and kind, AND they have been giving me a contractors discount for years.


I ended up going with three large hydrangeas, two small hydrangeas for next to the steps, nine small laurels, and two crawling roses. Once everything was planted, the landscaping timbers and mulch tied everything together nicely.  Huge bonus: it has POURED nearly every single day and everything is settling in wonderfully.


I really enjoyed pouring a glass of wine and standing in the yard for a while to stare at this finished project.  Now I just have to paint, remove the storm windows/door, reglaze the windows, replace the shutters, and hang the window boxes… Ugh.




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