The kitchen had some built in wooden shelves beneath the cabinets that I assumed were for spices.  There are some shelving situations around the room that I’m going to have to drink a few glasses of wine and scratch my head over, but this one was easy: there was no way that I would stack a bunch of different packaged and branded jars all over the place.  The type-A parts of my personality just wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

I had a few of these 4 oz. jelly jars left over from making mulberry jam a couple of years ago, but I ordered two more 12-packs to get started.  There were about a million Amazon reviews explaining which white markers would stay best on glass and these Sharpie Fine Point Paint Markers worked perfectly.

The entire shelf looks so cute with matching jars and (bonus!) it is so much easier to get measured tsp/tbs out of jam jars vs. those spice jars.


Paint Marker $8
Bell Jars $24






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