lighten up.

I’ve never played with electricity unsupervised, but the existing light in the dining room was pretty awful and needed to go.  I had been dragging an vintage, leadened glass shade from apartment to apartment to house to storage to another house for years, but had never found the right spot for it.  And, honestly, I’ve never had the courage to just figure out how to rewire it and take a chance of setting the house on fire or maybe blowing my eyebrows off.


I took a sick day from school, stopped at my favorite coffee shop, and then headed to Home Depot for what would be the first of a few trips for this project.  I had taken the vintage shade apart and took all of the pieces in a box with me so that I could try to match up what I would need.  I ended up with a wire stripper, electric tape, a new porcelain socket, and hooks for hanging this badboy.


I ultimately didn’t need the connectors or the bulb so they went back to Home Depot and I got some brown electrical tape instead.  I had to go to a specialty bulb store to find one that matched the original.. For Nashville folks, Light Bulb Depot on Lafayette is fantastic!  They have a HUGE selection and are so quick and helpful.  I was in and out in about two minutes with exactly the right bulb.

I watched a couple of youtube videos, turned the breaker off, and got started.  It took a long time to take the old one apart, clip wires, rewire the new one, and attach the old wiring to the new wiring, but it’s one more tick on the old checklist.



Electric Tape $4
Wire stripper $11
Westinghouse Porcelain Ceiling Fan Fixture Socket $3
Swag Light Hook Kit $4
Light Bulb $6





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