staging the livingroom.

I get all sorts of proud after completing a physically challenging construction or renovation project but what I really LOVE is putting the last, pretty, little touches on a finished space more than anything else.

The one room that I didn’t need to do a single thing to was the combined living/dining area.  It’s essentially a big, long space with huge windows and it was already painted a neutral light gray and the floors had just been refinished pre-purchase.

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 10.40.32 AM

It’s been difficult to decorate around the largeness of some of the windows as well as their spacing.  I drank a lot of wine and scratched my head for days before I came up with a plan for this spot.  I had just had my Great-Aunt Sylvia’s antique couch refinished in a deep blue velvet, so it seemed like that should be the focal point.  I purchased two Bahasa Natural Stacking Wicker Chairs from Pier One, a new 7’10″x10’10” Persian Rug from Overstock, two gold/yellow pillow slipcovers from West Elm and white linen/cotton Emery curtains from Pottery Barn.


Navy Gray Persian

I made the coffee table from the pallet that the kitchen floor tile was delivered on (more on that here), but everything else was from years of picking garbage, scouring secondhand shops/flea markets, and collecting castoffs from anyone getting rid of anything.  My collection has grown so much over the past few years that I sometimes forget what I have in storage!

The impact of plants and candles is always immeasurable!  I mixed some potted aloe, lily, various succulents, and a finger plant around on shelves and tables and threw a few new candles around, too.  It’s such a cozy space now and with the curtains open, it’s unbelievably bright and sunny; I think my plants like it even more than I.


Wicker Chairs x2 $120
Rug $370
Pillows $40
Curtains $532





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