pallet coffee table.

The tiles for the kitchen floor were delivered on a wooden pallet and after I unloaded the tiles into my office, I left that pallet in the front yard for weeks.  Everyday I would walk past it on my way to work and promise [sic: lie to] myself that I would take care of it as soon as I got home.  On Saturday and Sunday mornings I would wake up, get the coffee brewing, swing open my curtains only to be greeted again by the growing pile of scraps and garbage on my front lawn.  So, while I was desperately searching for ways to avoid tiling the kitchen floor, I decided to make a coffee table from the rotting pallet in my front yard.

I had searched for weeks on websites and in secondhand stores for something big enough to fill the very empty space in the middle of my livingroom, but everything was at least $300.  I was already over budget after ordering beautiful, but very expensive curtains from Pottery Barn.

The pallet needed a good scrubbing and a couple buckets of hot, bleachy water and a scrub brush cleaned up the dirt and grossness very quickly and easily.

I ordered 12″ pin legs from Barn XO for $59 and picked up a few pieces of cheap pine and a small jar of Minwax from Home Depot for about $70.  There have been a couple of big ticket purchases that have been game changers and one of them is my Porter-Cable Finish Nailer Compressor Combo Kit.   I cut the pine to hang 3″ on either end of the table, laid it out exactly the way I wanted it and then dink, dink, dinked the nail gun up and down where the pallet’s cross pieces were.


I used some wood putty to fill in behind the nails, let it dry overnight, sanded every surface nice and smooth with a handheld power sander, and then cleaned all the dust and debris off really well.  The weather was nice enough out to get one coat of poly on, let it dry overnight, steel wool it, and get another coat on over the course of two days.


Once everything was good and dry, I flipped her over, attached the legs and then filled the built in shelves with some coffee books and coasters and nicknacks.



Pallet $0
Pine $50
12” Pin Legs $60
Poly, Brush, and Steel Wool $10
Total $120

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