#tbt to amelia.

I love going back through old before and after pictures of my first home.  My neck is currently out of commission until I can get to a chiropractor because I very unwisely pushed a little too hard to start AND finish a big tiling job in my kitchen this past weekend.  When I’m sitting in my living room looking at all of the projects I still need to do, but I’m stuck on the couch because of this frustrating, old reoccurring injury it’s hard not to slide from frustration to anger to despondency.

So looking at what I’ve done instead of what I need to do is just the ticket.  I mean, this house was a turd.  The entire thing was carpeted with this filthy, worn beige carpet and painted a sallow, sad yellow.  There was also a cheap, plastic door hanging between the living room and kitchen.  That got popped out, the holes filled with wood putty, sanded and painted.  Voila! Evidence of any door was gone.


It took a little more time to get the carpeting pulled up, new floors laid, and the entire interior painted but the end result was… more on these special plywood floors here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 12.35.11 PM

I loved getting cozy with friends in this space, watching movies, drinking wine, playing cards, and listening to music.  One night a half dozen friends crashed on the floor, the couch, and even the recliner after a bonfire and late, late night of watching 90’s pairs figure skating.  Ha! Ugh, it did break my heart to leave this house…


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