indoor blooms.

The inside of all of the kitchen drawers and shelves were an awful faded gray and in need of some sort of attention or facelift.  I went back and forth about painting them, but knew that it would take forever and that these old cabinets didn’t have much more room for another layer of paint before the doors and hinges started sticking.

If you aren’t familiar with Rifle Paper Co., they are a sweet, creative mom & pop that was started in Florida as a stationary company.  It has expanded to wrapping paper, wall paper, materials, journals, notebooks, pencils, coasters, etc. and it’s all fun and bright and beautiful.

So I ordered three rolls (which have three sheets each) of their Rosa wrapping paper and lined the drawers and shelves one cold, rainy night right after I moved into Evelyn.  It’s a small difference that hardly anyone will ever notice, but it was cheap ($8.50/roll) and ultimately super cute. Huge bonus, this paper is made in the USA!

Kitchen Drawers & Shelf Liner
kitchen drawer interiors and my trusty nikes

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